Leaders:  Jeremy and Michele Shea

"I'm an adult...but I'm not that old..."

Don't worry, you've come to the right place.  Being a college student or someone in their 20's is an exciting and challenging time.  Some of our strongest and most fulfilling memories as a believer are made in those years.

This group, under the guidance of the Shea's and other leaders at FBC, helps each other with just that.

FBC values our young adults and knows it’s a great time to put down deep roots in a church home, so we put together various social and outdoor events throughout the year to encourage fellowship and a deeper walk with Christ (bonfires, shows at The Ellen, and worship nights to name a few). But, this ministry also helps college students and those taking the first steps into their careers establish a lasting legacy in a church home.

If you're not sure this ministry is right for you, no problem. To be a part of it, you need to be old enough to vote, but not old enough to run for President of the United States. (You're smart, you can figure it out)

To find out more, visit FBC's Events page, or, shoot us an email from the Contact page.