Act Justly.  Love Mercy.  Walk Humbly.

"I once worked with a guy for three years and never learned his name. Best friend I ever had. We still never talk sometimes." - Ron Swanson, Parks & Recreation

It has been said that, as men, most of us are better at building cities than meaningful relationships.

The Men's Ministry of FBC is built to give men of all ages the opportunity to become more like our Savior through events that fit us.  Just as Paul needed Barnabas, Silas, and even Mark -- we need godly men influencing our personal walks, our families, and the Bozeman community.

Here are some of the things we do to give opportunity for that.

Monthly Men's Breakfast

On the first Saturday of every month, we meet at FBC for a sticks-to-your-ribs breakfast.  We share testimonies of the Lord's work in our lives and catch up with each other's lives after a busy month.  Men ages 14 and older are welcome and you would be amazed how many of those young men get up for our 8:30AM start time.  The planned portion of the gathering is short, as Saturdays with family and friends in Bozeman are precious, and we are typically done by 10AM.

The food is really, REALLY good.

The Legacy Project

Two of the greatest blessings in a man's life are:

  1. Learning valuable skills you'll carry with you the rest of your life.
  2. Getting to pass on those skills to the next generation so that they can do the same some day.

This ministry helps facilitate just that.  Many of us have skills that we were taught as children or young men.  Contrary to rumor, none of us came from the womb knowing how to change a spark plug, tune a bow, operate a chainsaw, string a guitar, write code, grill ribs, or tie a #12 Parachute Adams.  Someone taught us, or we struggled through teaching ourselves.

Not every young man is afforded the opportunity to learn these valuable life skills.  We are blessed as a church to have some very skilled men to pass these "legacy" skills down to younger generations.
Check out the Events page for upcoming Legacy Project activities and if you have a skill you would like to share, shoot us an email from the Contact page.