Join us for our Invest classes taught by our members. We will be offering five sessions of one hour each Wednesday starting October, 18, 2017 at 6:30pm...For information on classes, see below.

516 E Bryant Suite C

Bozeman, MT 59715


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INVEST is a new initiative by FBC designed to highlight the skills and passions of our people. It's a new opportunity for us to meet new friends by offering classes on interests not particularly Bible or church related. Everyone is welcome and everything is entirely free. 

We are offering the following classes this fall:

Waltz- by Elizabeth McDaniel. Learn the basics of ballroom dancing.

Backcountry Safety and Survival- by Kyle Leonard. This is a basic course that will cover all outdoor sports and general safety when traveling.

Hardanger Needlepoint- by Deana Schuler. Did you ever wonder what Norse women did while their Viking husbands were pillaging? Come find out.

Basic Fly Tying- by Dave Eutsler. Learn the basics of tying flies and improve your skills.

Prepping the Scripture- by Pastor Steve. This class leads people through a very basic method of understanding Bible passages.

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